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Walk to Cure Scleroderma Waiver

In consideration of being permitted to participate in "Walk to Cure Scleroderma," I hereby, for myself, my heirs and personal representative, assume any and all risks which might be associated with this event. I further waive, release, discharge and covenant not to sue the Scleroderma Foundation of Greater Chicago, support groups, officers, employees, sponsors, organizers, volunteers, or other representatives or their successors and assigners, for any and all injuries or damages of any kind whatsoever suffered as a result of taking part in the event and any related activities. I further agree to the use of any photo, film or videotape of the event for any purpose the Scleroderma Foundation of Greater Chicago shall determine in its discretion. I affirm that I have read and will abide by the terms set forth in this waiver, and I affirm that the information I have given on the Walk Registration form is true, complete and correct. 

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